Exegesis of the Latin Vulgate

Exegesis of the Latin Vulgate

This series of 4-week courses in exegesis of the Bible in Latin (the “Vulgate”) is designed for complete beginners and scholars alike, where we will read, contemplate and examine well-loved verses of the Vulgate. Expect to discover the richness of this enduring scholastic and sacred manuscript, originally commissioned by Pope Damasus I in AD 382 of St Jerome to create a cohesive canon for the Western Catholic Church.

Your tutor will guide you through the original Latin text, glossed with a full vocabulary list, and will explain grammatical constructions as they arise – allowing you the ability to enjoy of a full exegesis of select passages from the Latin Vulgate and to contemplate their sacred meaning in the spirit of true Lectio Divina.

Students who have enjoyed Part I of this course may progress onto Parts II and III.

4 week course


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