Cognosco ergo nosco

- Exploring the cognitive benefits of learning Latin -

Cognosco Ergo Nosco

Have you had time away from work and study and feel like you need to exercise your brain back into thinking critically again? Have you retired recently or a while ago and want to exercise your brain to keep it active, building your mental agility?  Do you every feel like you have brain fog and want to take proactive steps to dissipate it?  Do you ever wish you had a richer, wider vocabulary?

A growing body of research shows that learning Latin significantly boosts and sharpens your cognitive skills in essential areas such as critical analysis, problem solving, verbal reasoning, logic, memory recall and de-coding.  Through deciphering the mysteries of this ancient language, you will tighten your grammar and syntax, develop a rich and expansive vocabulary, and enhance your own English fluency and erudition. 

This course is designed for complete beginners as well as those returning to Latin for a refresher. The course will delve into why Latin is so important in the 21st Century and what the cognitive and professional benefits are for those who learn it. The students will receive instruction in elementary Latin grammar and key vocabulary. With these building blocks, students will enjoy being able to apply what they have learnt to analyse texts from classical literature. We will also investigate the Latin derivations of the English language to explore the extent to which, as English speakers, we are indebted to this ancient language, and we will discover how learning Latin opens a grammatical and lexical matrix in our mind for understanding not only English, but indeed many other foreign languages.

Students who have enjoyed Part I of this course may progress onto Part II.

6 week course


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