Who we are

At Disco Nosco we are passionate about the cognitive benefits of learning Latin and the pivotal importance of improving literacy.  We enjoy sharing this love through the various Latin classes and literacy programs that we offer.  

The Latin classes at Disco Nosco bring a fresh perspective in showing the relevance and aliveness of this ancient language, where we make the learning journey relatable and fun.  We have classes for complete beginners, refresher classes for returning students and courses that provide a meta-perspective on why it is so important to keep this shared linguistic and cultural heritage alive through engaging with Latin grammar, vocabulary and literature. 

Tutor Bio

Stephanie Fityan Latin Tutor and Literacy Specialist - Founder of Disco Nosco

Stephanie's love of ancient languages started at school, where she studied Latin through to her final year.  She went on to study ancient Greek and Hebrew at university receiving First Class (High Distinction) in her Master's degree.  Stephanie applied the cognitive skills of critical analysis, problem solving and logic - gained through these subjects - to a career in Law, qualifying and working in the City of London.  Alongside her academic and professional life, Stephanie has had an enduring passion for literacy.  For over 20 years, she has dedicated her spare time to working with children on literacy schemes and reading partnerships and has contributed to the Education Sector in roles of governance in the area of Teaching & Learning.  

Stephanie is now combining her passion for ancient languages with her drive for promoting literacy, and has founded this tutoring program - Disco Nosco - which provides a variety of Latin language and literature classes as well as a literacy improvement program to all ages from 8 to 80+.  Stephanie has recently qualified as a tutor with the Australian Tutoring Association; she considers herself to be a life-long student in Latin Language and Literature and is continuing to explore the Latin language at the University of Oxford in the Continuing Education Department.  She is now part way through studying for a Master of Education at the University of Western Australia.


Why Latin?

By learning Latin, you can expect to:

What does it all mean?

Punica Granatum


lit: grainy Carthaginian apple




I learn


I know